Sometimes in life we just need to shake things up a bit. I was going through a rough time and I kept asking my sister questions about the “how to” of painting. To each of my questions she simply replied, “Put the paint on the canvas.” I finally did and I had a great time! I’m not a great painter, but I enjoy doing it.
IMG_6012.jpgOne day, after I had been painting for a few months, one of my friends told me she was getting a divorce. This friend first found out when her landlord called to ask her if she would be staying in the house after her husband moved out. (Let your brain soak that up for a minute!) I don’t know why, but I just knew she should come over and paint. She came to my house and there were paints, brushes, and some canvases spread out on the table. I gave her the same training my sister gave me, “Put the paint on the canvas.” She made a great first painting, got herself some supplies and continued to make more paintings. It was a nice distraction when she needed it.
Be open to whatever comes your way because it may be just what you need. Think of life as your canvas. When I’m fearful about trying something I remember, “Put the Paint on the Canvas.”

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