I posted a video today on the YouTube channel for Crafting and Relaxing called, “How to Make a Basic Card.” It is part of a series that is designed to show beginning card makers how to make cards.  You can watch the video, look at the supply list below and hopefully you will be inspired to make a card. In this series I’ll keep things very simple and teach the basics.



Supplies Needed:

  • One 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock (or a pre-made card base)
  • Scissors and ruler (or a paper cutter), not needed if using a pre-made card base
  • Scratch paper (I used a paper bag that a purchase came in.)
  • Post-it (if you decide to make a mask for a rubber stamp)
  • Something to decorate the card base with
    • in the video I use three wood-mounted, rubber stamps, a black ink pad, and colored pencils

The first thing I did was cut the white card stock for my card base.  I recommend that beginners start with white or cream to get the most versatility from limited supplies. An A2 card is 5 1/2″ by 4 1/4″ and the cards I made in this video are horizontal so I took a piece of 8 1/2″ by 11″ card stock and cut the length of it half by making one cut at 5 1/2″.  A regular size 8 1/2″ by 11″ sheet of card stock can always be used to make two card bases. After cutting the card stock I set one half aside for the next card and folded the other piece.  I used the EK Tools Scoreboard to score and fold it for the first card, but for the second card I folded it without any tools.

Then, I inked my stamp carefully, tested it on scrap paper, and stamped the images on the front of the card. Be sure to let the images dry all the way before trying to color them. I usually stamp all my images before I start coloring. After everything was dry I colored in all of the images.  This took a while so I didn’t do very much of the coloring on the video, but I’ve included photos of the finished cards here on the blog. For the second card I demonstrated a masking technique that can be used to layer images.



I don’t typically decorate the inside of my cards very much because I write big and mail a lot of my cards so I like to leave space. Remember, you’re making the card so if you want to decorate the inside- go for it! There aren’t any rules. If you want to decorate the inside, do it after you complete the front (and it is dry). Then, decorate the inside and be sure it is dry before you close the card.

Keep in mind that the wood-mounted rubber stamps I used on these cards are old so you won’t be able to get the exact same ones.  My goal is to show you how little you need to get started and I’ll be doing another similar video soon with products that are currently available. Most stamps sold currently are clear and attach to clear blocks. I’ll give a tutorial on clear stamps in the next video. Also, I don’t ever want you to run out and buy things just because I have them in a video.  I have Stampin’ Up colored pencils because that’s what I’ve had forever. If you have other colored pencils use those, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a set of Prismacolor colored pencils sitting around.

If you want to make cards and you don’t think you have any supplies start collecting papers from junk mail (some of the patterns inside security envelopes are make great card layers), tissue boxes have beautiful colors and patterns, gift wrap, tags on clothes/purchases. Just start gathering them in one place and see what color groupings start to emerge. Consider what you have in your house for other activities or what other family members may have:

  • colored pencils, watercolor paints, markers or colored pens all work
  • acrylic paint and stencils
  • photographs
  • embroidery floss or ribbon
  • stickers
  • glitter glue…the possibilities are endless

There are two videos on my YouTube channel that I made for a Snowbird with limited supplies.  These might give you more ideas for getting started with limited supplies:

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