channel home.PNGA friend asked me how I decided to name my YouTube channel Crafting and Relaxing. What it really came down to was that 2017 was all about working non-stop. I thought about my vision for 2018 and what I would like to see more of. That’s how Crafting and Relaxing got its name. I wanted Crafting and Relaxing to be a fun way to share my activities, whatever they may be, but not be limited to paper or paint or even crafts in general.

What I really wanted were thoughts in my brain that had nothing to do with work! So, how do we push the struggles of the work day out of an overactive brain and enjoy the precious hours that we aren’t at work? We give that brain creative challenges to ponder, evaluate and problem solve! My job is all about numbers and rules. I want my brain to spend time figuring out completely different types of things on the weekends or while I’m drinking coffee in the early morning. Which paper cutter is the best? How does the blue ink work over dried gesso? Do I like thread or embroidery floss better on cards and art journal pages? Is there a way to keep the snails under control with two dogs in the yard? Which succulents are my favorite and which ones aren’t worth my time? How many cards can I make out of one 6×6 paper pad?

Interestingly, I find these questions invigorating and I will get up even earlier to work on them. I have also found that 10 minutes or 30 minutes at the end of a long, hard day does not go unused. Then, I can say that I did SOMETHING besides work or deal with the chaos of life every day. Maybe the project isn’t something I love every day, but it rejuvenates me so I can go back to work. I hope that by following along on my channel, blog and Instagram that you, too, can have something in your day besides work or chaos. Everyone deserves some Crafting and Relaxing.

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