I explained a bit about how Crafting and Relaxing got its name, but I didn’t start at the beginning of why I was so focused on doing crafts and relaxing. Before 2018 began I was trying to choose one little word (OLW) for the year. If you aren’t familiar with OLW or related challenges, the basic idea is that you choose a word to inspire and guide you in the coming year. I don’t really know who started it originally, it might have been Ali Edwards, but it wasn’t me. Anyway, after I thought about it for a long time the word I chose for 2018 was “REST” because it was short and simple. The year before had been purely work focused and I was exhausted. I didn’t really expect 2018 to be easier, but I did want to find a way to balance it out and give my brain something else to think about.  So I chose REST and defined it like this:




Time for Me

Anyone who knows me would probably think it was crazy that REST was my word, but it was and I think I gave it a good effort. I did crafts, gardened, napped, made the Crafting and Relaxing channel on YouTube, went to the gym occasionally, and I said no to things. I said no to allow for down time and breathing space in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still worked a ton, but I managed to fit something else besides work and moving at the speed of light into my life. I even figured out how to do some long overdue family visits.

Now, it is time to choose a word for 2019. I’m not sure what mine will be yet, but I know it will have more energy or strength to it. I want to bump it up a bit this year. I don’t think I’ll define each letter like I did last year, just one great word. I thought about “thrive,” but I don’t want to sound like a health insurance commercial. I’ll keep thinking. If you don’t have a word, or a focus, or a plan for 2019 think about making one.  A year is a long time and we should make it count.

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