Well, I finally did it. I have an amazing craft room with a counter height work space so I can stand up and not be hunched over. This new craft room is better than I ever dreamed. It’s even tucked out of the way so you don’t see it when you enter my front door and there’s tons of storage. Remember, I’m very messy so that’s important.

Here’s the amazing part though, I didn’t spend a fortune on it so I still have money for craft supplies! I know that lots of people order specific storage units and all sorts of fixtures to store their supplies.  Me? I have my friends hand me down kitchen cabinets and I absolutely love them!! Thanks so much to Stephanie and Mike for the surprise truckload of cabinets! I also have garage sale finds, items I pulled from other places in the house, and a counter height chair that my friend found free for me. Be open to what comes your way, you never know how great it might all turn out!!

If you want to see my craft room, check out the video on the Crafting and Relaxing YouTube below.

One thought on “Craft Room Update

  1. Sarah, I enjoyed your video and am impressed with your craft room. It looks like you had fun getting this all done.


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